A Checklist for Your Next Dental Visit

Make your next dental visit a breeze

5 Things to Do Prepare for Your Dental Appointment

The advancement of technology has made scheduling an appointment with your dentist as simple as a tap and a click. But there are still some things, which require a human “touch” you can do beforehand to help you get the most out of your next dental visit. Monroe Family Dentistry has put together a checklist of exactly that. Keep on reading to find out more…

1. Create a list of questions.

It’s normal to forget things from time to time, but if you have a list of questions prepared prior to your dental visit, you’ll get the most out of your checkup. You’ll remember to tell Dr. Monroe about the wisdom tooth pain that comes and goes, ask questions regarding cosmetic dentistry options available for a broken tooth, and get recommendations on brands, products, and tools to relieve any pain or sensitivity you may have.

Writing these questions down also gives you the chance to re-examine your oral health and catch little details, such as dry mouth, you might otherwise forget to mention.

If you’re struggling with what to put on your list, here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you finding it difficult to keep up with your usual dental routine?
  • Are your gums swollen, sore, or bleeding?
  • Are you feeling any sensitivity with hot or cold drinks?
  • Are you having any problems speaking, swallowing, or chewing?

2. Fit your dental visit into your normal routine.

Many people don’t enjoy going to the dentist. Usually because their appointments take them so far out of their usual routine, the visits feel more like a chore than a health-preserving strategy. When scheduling a dental checkup with your favorite Greenville, SC, dentist, Dr. Monroe, consider how it will affect your day.

Will you have to pick up the kids from school right after your drive to the dental office or is your appointment just a couple of hours before your big work presentation? Understandably, you may not feel up to doing any of these activities just after your mouth and teeth have been worked on.

Monroe Family Dentistry recommends you try to fit your checkup into your normal routine. Schedule your appointments either when you have less on your plate, like when the kids are at grandma’s, or on the days you’re working from home and have fewer human (read: speaking) interactions. Sometimes, simply going in to see Dr. Monroe in the morning can help you skip over the anxiety of waiting for the appointment and just get it out of the way.

3. Call to confirm your appointment.

Imagine your dental visit is a job interview. What would you do? For one thing, you’d call at least 24 hours beforehand to confirm the appointment and avoid any miscommunication. Two, you’d make sure you know where the office is located so you won’t get lost on the day and be late. Finally, you’d try to get to the office at least 30 minutes early to prepare and fill out any necessary paperwork. All three points also apply whenever you visit the dentist.

While many Greenville, SC, dentists send emails or texts beforehand confirming an appointment, double-checking to make sure they know you’re coming keeps everyone on the same page.

4. Compile the necessary documents.

Given the different types of doctors and specialists humans see in a lifetime, it can sometimes be confusing as to what documents you should (or shouldn’t) bring to the dentist. Here’s a summary checklist to help you out:

Carry your dental insurance card.

If Dr. Monroe recommends treatment, you can submit your card for pre-authorization, find out your level of coverage, and how much you’ll pay on an out-of-pocket or copay basis.

Bring a method of payment.

Medical insurance plans like Medicare only cover dental services patients receive in the emergency room and not preventative dental care such as cleanings, fillings, or tooth extractions. This means you’ll need to be prepared for any out-of-pocket expenses resulting from your treatment. Thankfully, Monroe Family Dentistry offers a Smile Savings Plan to help you prepare for any treatment costs.

Pack your dentures or retainers.

Dental devices may not be documents in the literal sense but they’re critical things you should bring with you to your dental visits. Even if you’re not currently wearing them, oral gadgets need regular inspection as well as repair and maintenance to ensure they work properly and effectively protect the health of your teeth.

5. Tell Dr. Monroe about your oral and overall health.

When talking to Dr. Monroe know this: oral and overall health go hand in hand. While it’s easy to remember to tell your dentist about tooth pain or bleeding gums, don’t discount your morning headaches as something you should only share with your general physician. Additionally, let your dentist know about any recent illness, diagnosis, as well as any new medications—both prescriptions and over the counter. It will make treating conditions like tooth pain or dry mouth easier, and in some cases, Dr. Monroe can consult with your doctors to find prescriptions with fewer adverse effects on your oral health.

Preparing for your dental visits can go a long way in ensuring you get the most out of the appointment. Feel free to call our Monroe Family Dentistry office to book an appointment or ask questions regarding your upcoming visit. We are always happy to help.