10 Family Games, Crafts, and Activities for the Holiday Season

Fun holiday activities for the whole family

Create fun new memories with family and friends.

The holiday season is all about family gatherings, winter activities, and having fun with our favorite people.

To help you make the most of your get-togethers, we’ve gathered a must-do list of Christmas-themed crafts, holiday games, and family-friendly activities to try with your loved ones. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for links to local family activities right here in Greenville, South Carolina!

1. Go ice-skating at a local rink.

Ice-skating is a great way to make memories with family and friends while getting outside for some fresh air and exercise. We love to visit our local Ice on Main rink, which is family-friendly and welcoming of even the most inexperienced skater.

An indoor ice-skating option is at the Pavilion. Just be sure to double-check the public skating schedule before showing up!

2. Warm up with a DIY hot cocoa bar.

You can’t have the holidays without hot chocolate. Put an interactive, creative spin on classic hot cocoa by creating a DIY hot cocoa bar in your kitchen. Set out bowls of different sprinkles, crushed candy canes, peppermint bark pieces, and toffee bits and enough whipped cream for everyone. Cinnamon sticks and whole candy canes are perfect for stirring and adding flavor.

3. Play Secret Santa with family and friends.

Secret Santa is a fun tradition that is perfect for making family and friends feel close, even if they can’t physically be with us on Christmas Day. Gather a list of participants, create a budget everyone is comfortable with, and pick a due date for all gift deliveries.

Here are some helpful tips for anyone new to Secret Santa.

4. Plan a holiday bake day or cookie swap.

It’s hard to beat the warm, welcoming scent of fresh-baked cookies on a chilly winter day! Make the most of your holiday baking by hosting a holiday bake day where a small group gathers at your home to create one favorite recipe each. After the baking is done, everyone shares so that each person is left with a variety of tasty treats.

An alternative to this is a holiday cookie swap where you and your closest friends and family members share your favorite cookies.

5. Go on a winter or holiday scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts are super fun for kids, but even teens and adults will enjoy taking part. Since it’s winter, consider a winter- or holiday-themed hunt for things like icicles, someone shoveling snow, a bird, and a snowy tree. You can also make this hunt a bingo-style game.

Here is an example scavenger hunt that can help you design your own game.

6. Entertain youngsters with Poke-a-Tree.

Poke-a-Tree is a very simple game that’s easy to set up and ideal for all ages. The idea is to create a tree with hidden prizes within each cup. Each player takes a turn poking a hole in the cup of their choosing to hopefully win a prize! You can put small prizes in each cup or make things tough for older kids, teens, or adults by only hiding a couple of valuable prizes.

Here are the instructions for making your Poke-a-Tree board.

7. Play Jingle Bell Toss with kids and adults.

Jingle Bell Toss is another simple but engaging game for all ages. Though it may seem a bit reminiscent of a not-so-family-friendly game, this version is perfect for family holiday parties. Simply use red and green cups to create a tree shape on a board or table, then throw red, green, and gold jingle bells into the other player’s cups.

Check out this easy Jingle Bell Toss game for kids.

8. Play Guess That Song with holiday favorites.

Nothing quite makes the holidays feel like the holidays like Christmas music. A great game to play while driving around looking at Christmas lights is Guess That Song. Play five- or 10-second snippets of a song until someone is able to guess its title. You can tailor this fun game by age to include everyone who is playing.

9. Bundle up and visit a local Christmas light show.

Attending Christmas light shows or simply driving around looking at local decorated neighborhoods is a lot of fun.

Here are a few local light shows and Christmas events we recommend that are within an hour drive:

10. Dedicate an afternoon to making DIY decorations.

One of the best Christmas spirit boosting family activities is creating holiday crafts and decorations. Some great DIY options include customized ornaments, handmade wreaths, and creative garlands.

Here are a few ideas we think your family with love:

Share your family’s favorite holiday family activities and traditions.

The team at Monroe Family Dentistry would love to hear all about your family’s favorite holiday activities during your next dental checkup or cleaning. The holiday season is a great time to book a quick visit to ensure your smile is healthy and ready for all your upcoming festivities. The last thing anyone wants on Christmas morning is a toothache!

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