8 Advantages of an E-Appliance for Bite Treatments

Advantages of an E-appliance

Dental technology is always advancing, and the E-appliance is one of the latest developments. This new system provides a better form of occlusal splint that can be used to protect teeth, relieve pain, and provide a more effective treatment option for many issues conventionally treated with occlusal devices.

Who is a good candidate for an E-appliance bite guard?

There are many different situations where the advantages of the E-appliance can help patients. Bruxism is one area where this appliance improves on the benefits provided by a traditional night guard. Patients who experience teeth grinding or clenching that can cause wear, chips, or cracks can protect themselves with the E-appliance.

The support provided by the E-appliance is also a solution for patients experiencing symptoms of TMJ disorder, including jaw pain, clicking or popping, or joint displacement.

The E-appliance also helps keep teeth aligned and provides protection after cosmetic or restorative smile makeovers. Patients who have undergone these procedures should consider this appliance to ensure the best possible outcome for eight key reasons.

1. Improved Support

Many oral appliances are single-arch appliances that are only fitted to one arch. The E-appliance provides support for both the upper and lower arches, supplying the optimal level of support.

This creates a noticeable difference in the level of consistency the E-appliance can offer. With single-arch appliances, it’s easy for one arch to not sit right. This means that you won’t be receiving the full benefits of treatment unless you go with a double-arch option like the E-appliance.

2. Easier to Wear

The E-appliance isn’t simply conventional technology applied in a double-arch format. Instead, it uses a new design that can provide an improved wearing experience for patients.

The appliance is both light and thin, which makes for a very comfortable fit in your mouth. You can receive the treatment you need while still remaining comfortable during sleep—you’ll barely notice the E-appliance is there.

3. Suitable for a Variety of Conditions

The E-appliance is a very versatile oral appliance that can provide effective treatment for many different conditions. For example, it is highly effective in preventing the grinding and clenching associated with bruxism.

The support of this appliance keeps the jaw in the appropriate position to help reduce TMJ disorders. It can also be used in mild cases of sleep apnea to position the jaw so the airway is less likely to close during sleep.

4. Enhanced Stability

With single-arch appliances, patients often find they don’t have the necessary stability to prevent many of the issues they’re trying to resolve. The upper and lower arches can still move independently, allowing for movement contributing to TMJ disorders and other issues.

With the double-arch system of the E-appliance, stability is achieved, and this movement is prevented. The E-appliance delivers the best outcomes for any issue where movement is a concern.

5. Less Tight-Fitting

Most single-arch appliances rely on excessive tightness to account for their lack of stability. The only way to keep the appliance from shifting and coming loose is to make it uncomfortably tight, but the E-appliance provides an alternative.

The double-arch system is already very stable. The more robust configuration makes inadvertent shifting less likely, which means that the E-appliance doesn’t have to fit so tightly. The less-tight fit can leave patients much more comfortable.

6. Better Sleeping Conditions

After any kind of procedure, your mouth needs time to rest and heal. The E-appliance provides the support necessary for the muscles throughout the masticatory system to achieve rest during sleep.

This can allow for an improved recovery outcome, along with alleviating pain and soreness throughout the process.

7. Keeps Airways Open

Sleep apnea and related conditions can cause patients to lose sleep because their airways close, jolting them awake. Night guards are a widely used treatment option for mild sleep apnea, and an E-appliance can improve those results.

With increased support, an E-appliance can hold the jaw in the appropriate position to avoid airway closure. The closure is caused by the relaxation of muscles in the throat, so maintaining the correct position can often resolve this issue.

8. Delivers Results for Longer

Whether for bruxism, sleep apnea, recovery, or other needs, no oral appliance lasts forever. However, the E-appliance lasts longer than single-arch appliances, remaining capable of delivering effective support.

The double-arch system is more durable than single-arch systems, which means that the E-appliance can last longer without any deformation or other issues that might affect your treatment.

Is the E-appliance right for you?

At Monroe Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on staying current with the latest developments in dentistry. We can determine whether the advantages of the E-appliance make it the right choice for your oral appliance in Greenville, SC. Reach out to our office today to schedule your appointment.