Past to Present: Ways Comfort, Function, and Aesthetics of Dentures Have Transformed Over Time

Dentures have changed over time.

Ever-Changing Technology

Technology is constantly changing. Computers are unrecognizable when compared to those from the 60s, and cars are morphing faster than we can keep up with. When it comes to medical advances, it’s astonishing how quickly they change. Dentures are no exception to the rule!

Over the years, dentures have become more comfortable, functional, and even aesthetically pleasing. With the advancements in dentures, they can make a positive impact on a person’s life. With their help, it can improve a person’s oral health, confidence, and even their quality of life. Did you know that nearly one in five people wear dentures? Whether they are wearing a full or partial set, they are now made in such a way that they blend seamlessly with their natural teeth.

The History of Dentures

Did you know that the use of dentures can be traced all the way back to 2500 BC? It is thought that these false teeth were originally made from animal teeth. Eventually, they were made out of bone, wire, and even human teeth. Materials, such as ivory, porcelain, animal, and human teeth were used in Europe and the US back in the 18th century. Early plastics finally began to trickle in around the mid-1800s.

These early dentures were far from aesthetic. Wooden dentures could be easily seen, while the ones made of animal and human teeth would be unlikely to match the shape or color of the natural teeth. Porcelain teeth could crack under pressure, much like your grandmother’s china plates.

Today, dentures are made out of moldable plastics and acrylic resins. With these materials, it is easy to create the perfect, durable fit. They will match the rest of your teeth and will blend in nicely. No one will have a clue unless you tell them.

Improved Comfort

Knowing that dentures were once made out of animal teeth and wood, it’s no surprise that the modern denture is going to be more comfortable. Now made out of acrylic resins and moldable plastics, the dentist can create the perfect match for each individual patient. These newer materials not only create a comfortable fit by conforming to the tissues, but they also reduce any potential irritation. No more need to worry about crushing your porcelain teeth by biting into an apple, or having a mismatched tooth that doesn’t fit into the gap correctly.

Enhanced Stability

One of the newer options for installing a seamless set of false teeth is the use of implants to install overdentures. These are anchored on by titanium posts, creating a stable solution to any missing teeth. No need to worry about these popping out while laughing or having an animated conversation. They are still removable for easy cleaning, but won’t shift or rub uncomfortably throughout the day. 

Natural Appearance

Dentures have been made out of many things in the past, many of which are easy to notice. Wood and animal teeth would be nearly impossible to not notice. Now that dentures are made out of acrylic and plastics, they can be molded to the exact shape of your old teeth, ensuring that your bite remains efficient and strong. The dentist will spend time matching the color to your natural teeth, so you won’t need to worry about a random blazingly white tooth in the middle of your smile.

Better Fit

Now, dentures are created with each individual patient in mind. Using computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to create an impression of the patient’s mouth. This way, the denture is sure to fit seamlessly in the desired space. This is done with a digital scanner, so you don’t have to worry about making the impressions with a mouthful of gooey alginate.

Are you ready to find your confident smile?

If you are one of the many people missing one or more teeth, don’t be afraid to look into the different options available. Dentures, crowns, and bridges are all available to help bring back your confident smile. If you are currently stuck with ill-fitting dentures, why not reach out for a consultation to see what can be done? The options are unlimited!

If you think you may be a candidate for dentures, what are you waiting for? You aren’t alone in this journey! Remember that nearly one in five people are sporting their own set of dentures. The entire team here at Monroe Family Dentistry is ready to help you every step of the way. If you are ready for a consultation, don’t hesitate to make an appointment! We look forward to helping you renew your confident smile. 

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